• Dr. Peloquin obtained both an undergrad degree in Environmental Design & a Medical Doctorate from the University of New Mexico. He began his anesthesia residency at the UNM & concluded his studies at the University of Iowa. 

    Dr. Peloquin completed his residency program in 1997.  After residency, Dr. Peloquin developed an appreciation for the hard working moral character of the Midwest and began his career in Kansas with Anesthesia Associates of Manhattan. In 1999 he became Board Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

    He became the Chairman of the Anesthesia Department for Mercy Regional Health Center and served in that role for a decade.

  • The experiences gained from his career in anesthesia sparked a desire for Dr. Peloquin to understand how to effectively treat numerous conditions of pain among patients.

    Dr. Peloquin became certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine in 2005 and in the same year set out on his own to open up Heartland Pain Management LLC. Heartland Pain Management LLC. is a state-of-the-art interventional pain clinic that offers
    individually tailored pain management solutions to patients. Dr. Peloquin takes great pride in the successful outcomes of his patient’s procedures. His success rate from trials to permanent implanted devices is 88% which is nearly twice the national average of 47%. Dr. Peloquin has also achieved a 95% success rate for intrathecal pain pump trials.

    Dr. Peloquin’s success in treating pain has led to numerous physicians and surgeons requesting onsite visits and receiving one-on-one training for neurneurostimulators intrathecal pumps. He has taught courses on implantable therapies in both Kansas and Texas and draws his patient base from seven states. In 2013, Heartland Pain Management LLC. was the only nonacademic center to be selected to participate in a nationwide subcutaneous nerve stimulator trial. Outside of being the sole proprietor of Heartland Pain Management LLC., Dr. Peloquin serves on numerous advisory boards for medical device and pharmaceutical companies

    Dr. Peloquin’s family includes his wife Leslie of 38 years. Together they have 3 sons and a daughter. His sons live in Phoenix, San Diego and Albuquerque and his daughter attends college in Tucson.

    Dr. Peloquin advises Patriot Medical Services on PRP and PRF and has selflessly offered his time to help over 60 veterans to date, by offering PRP pain relief under fluoroscopy, at no charge to them, under the Shots for Soldiers, a 501c3.

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